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Than you for your questions @mayra-cabrera

by the implementation details, it seems we want to replace the baking time message :thinking:. Could you please clarify this?

Last sentence above the implementation details:

At the moment, the baking time message is the closest thing to what we need

To clarify, this is not about replacing the baking time message, it’s a new type of message. The reference to the baking time message is only to explain how the final slack message should look like compared to the baking time message.

ReleaseTools::Tasks::AutoDeploy::CheckProduction is the entrypoint of all the production checks’ flavors (chatops check, promotion check, baking time check), now it should identify and handle deployment intermediate checks by the presence of the DEPLOYMENT_CHECK variable.

How is this information propagated to release-tools?

It was implemented in

TL;DR: at the end of each deploy_gitlab ansible batch, we have a set post_tasks that will take care of triggering release-tools with the variables defined in my comment above yours.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to me if you have further questions, Mayra.

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