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No twitter webmentions for

Hello, I noticed that my twitter account no longer receives webmentions from bridgy.

It picks the reply but shows the “no webmention support” text, followed by my canonical post (both shortlink and permalink).

Today I was able to get a screenshot of when bridgy fetched replies for the first time:

bridgy sending webmentions

But nothing was received on and now bridgy tells me “no webmention support”

bridgy sending webmentions

The reply in the screenshots is this tweet.

I already checked but it seems not relevant in my case as the original post is discovered.

Could someone help me figure out if it’s a problem on my side or a legitimate bug? :pray:

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in reply to aaronpk/Quill#80

I’d love to see this feature. My indieweb site is static and my micropub endpoint commits the markdown pages to the repo and this will trigger a compilation CI pipeline.

It will take minutes for the page to be available.

@aaronpk could you provide some implementation hints? πŸ™

It doesn’t seem hard to implement, and if family time allows it I may try to contribute this feature. Some hints may speed up my knowledge of the codebase.

Thank you for making such a useful tool

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When you reply to a github issue it’s sent back as webmention

Hello, when I tested GitHub publish integration I got a strange webmention that I didn’t expected.

This is my original content and it received 2 reply webmentions.

One is the legitimate reply from the issue author (shown as comment on my original post) and another one that is a reply pointing to my own comment (that I filtered out on the web page).

Is this behavior expected?

Thank you for this wonderful project :pray:

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