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in reply to aaronpk/Quill#80

I’d love to see this feature. My indieweb site is static and my micropub endpoint commits the markdown pages to the repo and this will trigger a compilation CI pipeline.

It will take minutes for the page to be available.

@aaronpk could you provide some implementation hints? πŸ™

It doesn’t seem hard to implement, and if family time allows it I may try to contribute this feature. Some hints may speed up my knowledge of the codebase.

Thank you for making such a useful tool

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When you reply to a github issue it’s sent back as webmention

Hello, when I tested GitHub publish integration I got a strange webmention that I didn’t expected.

This is my original content and it received 2 reply webmentions.

One is the legitimate reply from the issue author (shown as comment on my original post) and another one that is a reply pointing to my own comment (that I filtered out on the web page).

Is this behavior expected?

Thank you for this wonderful project :pray:

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algoritminc permashortlinks

Now my permashortlinks are completely algorithmic πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Bonus: no more twitter links when the content is exactly the same πŸŽ‰

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Hello. My name is Alessio Caiazza. I'm also known as nolith. I love writing code and technology. I'm passionate about production engineering.

This is where I write my thoughts trying to follow IndieWeb principles.

Staff Backend Engineer, Delivery @ GitLab


"Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo."

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