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Non vi preoccupate, sono vivo :)

Ultimamente sono stato poco presente perché stavo portando avanti il mio lavoro di tesi. Adesso che ho finito cercherò di essere più presente e di continuare a portare avanti about-me.

Per il momento segnalo che sto preparando una lezione introduttiva su IPv6 che si terrà durante il corso di “Gestione e Sicurezza di Reti di Telecomunicazioni” dell'Università di Firenze.

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Released About Me 1.0.5

This About Me release fixes image path when blog URL isn’t the same of WP URL, and also add supports for the following social networks:

  • GoodReads

  • Orkut

  • Google Profile

  • Google Reader

  • Qype

  • Ebay

  • RedGage added in 1.0.4

If you are interested in support please consider installing the development snapshot.

If you are interested in About Me development milestones you can find it here enhancement and proposal for the release 2.0.

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Social Links plugin with rel="me",, Bitbucket and Github support

UPDATE: I’ve forked Social Links, please refer to About Me.

Today I made a little patch of Social Links Wordpress Plugin in order to add, Bitbucket and Github support and for adding rel="me" tag to the generated links (see XFN for more details).

I’ve uploaded the plugin on bitbucket, so you can see the diff with Social Links 1.0.11. If you want to install it, go to the download page.

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Hello. My name is Alessio Caiazza. I'm also known as nolith. I love writing code and technology. I'm passionate about production engineering.

This is where I write my thoughts trying to follow IndieWeb principles.

Staff Backend Engineer, Delivery @ GitLab


IU5BON HamRadio callsign

"Il sapere umano appartiene al mondo."

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