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sorry for the trouble!

Please don’t feel sorry for this, you made a lot available for free to all of us.

Thanks for checking.

My site is statically generated and I implemented newbase60 deterministic short links with javascript redirects (not the best option).

I have 2 options I can apply easily:

  1. add webmention links in <head> in the shortlink pages, but then will send mentions to my canonical URL or to the permashortlink?
  2. this is more complex to implement, but I could generate a config file that will force the webserver to issue 302 redirects for the permashortlinks.

Will option n. 1 be enough for fixing this?

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No twitter webmentions for

Hello, I noticed that my twitter account no longer receives webmentions from bridgy.

It picks the reply but shows the “no webmention support” text, followed by my canonical post (both shortlink and permalink).

Today I was able to get a screenshot of when bridgy fetched replies for the first time:

bridgy sending webmentions

But nothing was received on and now bridgy tells me “no webmention support”

bridgy sending webmentions

The reply in the screenshots is this tweet.

I already checked but it seems not relevant in my case as the original post is discovered.

Could someone help me figure out if it’s a problem on my side or a legitimate bug? :pray:

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in reply to snarfed/bridgy#957

oh wait nm i just realized you do actually use <blockquote>, you just render it with >s. funny. i’ll keep looking then.

Yes, same problem here.

blockquote tags are converted to markdown > but then escaped to &gt;

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Hello. My name is Alessio Caiazza. I'm also known as nolith. I love writing code and technology. I'm passionate about production engineering.

This is where I write my thoughts trying to follow IndieWeb principles.

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