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Bundler with Mercurial support

Git seems to be the de-facto tool for ruby development. Lots of gems are hosted on github, and bundler may help you to work with cutting-edge release fetched from git repositories.

WOW! That’s amazing! But what if you didn’t like to use git as scm?

I’ve nothing against git, but I prefer mercurial so I spent some time to add mercurial capabilities to bundler, the best way to manage your application’s dependencies.

How does it work?

With bundler you can start gem development with a simple command (more info at Railscast episode 201)

bundle gem gem_name

This command will create for you a gem skeleton with some premade rake tasks in a shiny git repository.¬†Wouldn’t be wonderful if we can use mercurial instead of git?

Now you can with this patched version of bundler 1.0.10 that add the ‘-H’ switch to bundle gem

 bundle help gem
  bundle gem GEM

  -H, [--hg=Use mercurial instead of git]
  -b, [--bin=Generate a binary for your library.]
      [--no-color=Disable colorization in output]
  -V, [--verbose=Enable verbose output mode]       

Creates a skeleton for creating a rubygem

Not enough for you?

If this is not enough for you, I’ve also a patch set for loading gems directly from mercurial repos. This patched bundler v1.1pre.1 will make you happy.

gem 'eusplazio', :hg => '', :tag => 'v0.0.2'

Happy conding

Install instructions

Download the zipped source and extract it; enter the source folder and type rake install

( 4ASLAn)

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