Alessio Caiazza

YubiRuby - Yubikey with Ruby

Some days ago, willing to learn how to extends ruby with C code, I wrote a wrapper for yubico-c library.

You can find the sourcecode of my work on bitbucket and some installation instruction on the gemmcutter page.

After installing the gem with gem install YubiRuby you can try it with the following code

require 'rubygems'
require 'YubiRuby'

key = "6df89690b5f51bd9ac912c5004781e86" #use your AES key
y =;
puts y.key
otp = gets().strip
puts y.parse(otp)
puts "Ouput: #{y}"
puts "uid: #{y.uid}"
puts "counter: #{y.counter}"
puts "capslock: #{y.triggered_by_capslock?}"
puts "timestamp low/high: #{y.timestamp_low}/#{y.timestamp_high}"
puts "session: #{y.session}"
puts "random: #{y.random}"
puts "crc: #{y.crc}"
puts "crc residue: #{y.crc_residue}"
puts "crc residue ok?: #{y.crc?} (#{y.crc_residue} == #{YubiRuby::Yubikey::CRC_OK_RESIDUE})"

I hope to find the time for writing an authlogic extension in order to use a yubikey with rails application.

( 44EHHH)

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