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This is the key signing policy for the key 0x440C5437.

      pub   4096R/440C5437 2009-05-31
            Key fingerprint = 87C3 BF5F 034A 6801 338A  7963 4C1E 7C65 440C 5437
      uid                  Alessio Caiazza (nolith) <nolith@abisso.org>
      uid                  [jpeg image of size 3780]
      uid                  Alessio Caiazza <ac@abisso.org>
      sub   4096R/C6527760 2009-05-31

You can get the key from a keyserver, e.g. http://wwwkeys.pgp.net

Signing policy

If you find a PGP-Key signed by me with this Key-ID, the following rules apply:


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